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Shih-Ming (Peter) Liu

Over 7 years of IT industry experience | Experienced in leadership roles as Director and CTO across three startups.

Hey, I’m Peter. My journey with technology began at 15 with my first job, followed by self-learning coding and various computer-related skills online. I also possess strong business acumen, founding two software development and technology companies, where I honed management, communication, collaboration, and decision-making skills. After relocating to Melbourne in 2019, I identified a market gap in online shopping, prompting me to establish SHOPMY and assume the crucial role of Chief Technology Officer while pursuing part-time university studies.

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My Projects


Jul 2020 – Present
Grad in Jun 2024

RMIT University · Bachelor of Information Technology

Academic History (March 2024): Current GPA 3.5/4.0


Sep 2015 – Present

ELOGY 印象科技 · Freelance

ELOGY is a company specialising in software development and IT solution implementation. Our clientele predominantly originates from Taiwan and Hong Kong, spanning the education sector, high-tech manufacturing, and traditional industries.

  • Mainly full stack developer confident in using a PHP framework, HTML/CSS/JS.
  • The project manager managed over 50 projects using the scrum methodology.
  • Backend developer on large-scope project. Familiar with Java spring boot and Jenkins deployments of backend projects.

Maintenance of physical server and network system (Fortigate/FortiAP). And hypervisor of physical servers such as Hyper-V and Proxmox.

Sep 2019 – Oct 2023

SHOPMY PTY LTD · Founder/Full-Stack Engineer

SHOPMY is an e-commerce platform that was established after my relocation to Melbourne in 2019. Identifying market whitespace in the shopping journey of international students in Australia, our objective is to cultivate a user-centric and dependable platform benefiting both sellers and consumers. We are committed to extending our product offerings to include in-store terminals.

My roles are mainly working in the IT area, including:

  • Team lead: Product manager in the prototype of the SHOPMY product. I led a team of ten to deliver a complete product specification and design of the SHOPMY mobile/web application.
  • Software development: I am a full-stack developer. Once the team require support, I deliver projects like internal systems, ERP and ECP

My roles also include other work besides the IT area, including:

  • Accounting with MYOB, Business/Marketing analytics: PowerBI, A/B test on Firebase, crash analysis, Google analysis
  • Implement a rigorous recruitment process, seamlessly onboard new hires into our IT, marketing, and administrative departments, and deliver comprehensive training programs to empower them for success.

Feb 2023 – Jun 2023

RMIT STEM Centre for Digital Innovation · Software Developer

This project aims to create an automatic chatbot prototype that answers student questions using big data and Canvas live API. The system is designed as a microservice that provides flexibility in future maintenance. In 3 months, we successfully built up a prototype in Canvas LMS and fetched live data when students asked questions.

My roles are:

  • Frontend development: React (AntD), Lex js v2
  • System deployment: Amplify
  • Amazon Microservice backend: AWS Lambda, Python lambda functions and RDS database

I am also in charge of product management for this scrum project, demonstrating my communication, leadership, and empathy ability skills.

Jul 2016 – Dec 2019

TiDEOFilm, Inc. · Co-Founder

Jul 2016 – Oct 2017

Emera Technology · Web Marketing Specialist

Emera Technology specializes in the distribution of computer/server components. Their core clientele consists of high-computational data centres, positioning them as critical suppliers for industry giants such as Facebook and Apple.

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