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[WDMyCloud] Setup a rsync backup for other server.

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After I bought WD My Cloud EX4, I am surprised that there was no built-in  NFS support for a Linux based server. At first, buying this device is to supply a stable backup system with 4 bay and cheaper price for Synology NAS. As this server using weakness os and process hardware, I am not going to make it become the main file server and make Synology become the backup one.

▲ WD My Cloud EX4 with a professional outlook, but weak system os.

▲ NFS didn’t support WD My Cloud EX4.


After the research, I had discovered that a built-in feature (sync though two my cloud device)  using RSYNC and a static random password that had already set in this machine.

Turn on Rsync Feature on WD MyCloud

To turn on RYSNC feature you should, Login to WD My Cloud EX4 and enable SSH.

(GO to Setting > SSH ) swipe to turn SSH
Set up a password for SSH connection.

Enable remote server function in WD My Cloud panel and set up a password for it. (This will not be your Rsync password, you can just set it with administrator or SSH password.)
(GO to Setting > Internet > Remote Server)

Also, make sure there are no session be limited by the firewall of WD My Cloud, I suggest to set a port forwarding inside WD My Cloud. (GO to Setting > Internet > Port Forwarding > Enable Remote Backup)

Set up Rsync via SSH

First, create a file named rsyncd.secrets in folder /etc. Type

vi /etc/rsyncd.secrets

Then type “:wp” to exit and save this file.

chmod 600 /etc/rsyncd.secrets

To set this special file permission correct, otherwise Rsync will not start.
Now reboot the My Cloud device from within the Web UI.

Reconnect WD My Cloud via SSH.  View rsyncd.secrets file with the following command

cat /etc/rsyncd.secrets

The former empty file rsyncd.secrets has now one line in it.


Exit SSH, and log in to the server you would like to set backup on it. Type in IP address, username, password.

That all!

REF: Rsync from QNAP to My Cloud HowTo




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