Peter's Portfolio

SHOPMY Core Project: e-commerce application (Mobile/Backend/Vue.js)

SHOPMY PTY LTD is a B2C and C2C marketplace catering to a wide range of products, from groceries and pet supplies to home decor and cosmetics. This platform offers payment processing (Omipay/Stripe), logistic tracking, and comprehensive order management services. SHOPMY aims to establish a safe, reliable, and trustworthy marketplace for both local stores and international students.

SHOPMY Core Project: e-commerce application (React.js)​

This web application constitutes a crucial component of SHOPMY PTY LTD’s core project. My role involves the development of this web application utilizing React.js 18.0 with the Ant Design Library, with the provided UI prototype and structural diagram. Additionally, I integrated advanced technologies such as Tencent MOQQ and web socket into this stage. This project marks my inaugural hands-on experience with React and TypeScript, driven by my self-learning capabilities.